Chick Flick Confessions: “For A Good Time Call”

The other day I was given the opportunity to go see a screening for the move For A Good Time, Call…! I have been seeing and hearing commercials for it and wanted to see it so bad! Bottom line the language and concept of the film had me on the floor dying of laughter! Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor were perfect cast mates and had such a good vibe. It seemed like it was ad libbed a lot which made the jokes raw and super funny. Justin Long is always a perfect asset to any team.

[brightcove id=1828248018001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0]

I probably would never see this movie with my dad or mom lol, but it is the PERFECT sleepover girls night movie! If you are in need for some good dirty laughs that make you think you could yourself be a phone sex operator 😛 Because I sure as hell think I could after watching this.

Go check out the website to see some funny footage and trailers if you don’t believe me.

ALSO one more thing. After seeing the movie you will understand the X rated keyboard they used to help with “sounds” I sat on the online one for about 2 hours today making my own songs… Don’t judge me 😉