Celebrities’ Shocking Real Names (VIDEO)

In celebration of National Name Yourself Day, let’s take a look at some celebs who decided to take names into their own hands!

Stage names are nothing new. Celebrities sometimes choose alternative monikers for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s obvious. Did anyone really think Lady Gaga was Mother Monster‘s real name?

However, there are some that are totally surprising! Who knew that Dakota and Elle Fanning were born with different names? Haven’t they been famous since they were born?! Some of them are understandable. For example, Miley Ray Cyrus (formally Destiny Hope) says, “My best friend Leslie says ‘She’s just being Destiny Hope’ doesn’t really have the same ring to it.”

For some of these stars, it’s hard to imagine them without the names that everyone has grown to know them by. Who would Katy Perry and Alicia Keys be if they hadn’t changed their names? There are just too many names to fit in one video, so check out both to be surprised!

Which famous stage name is your favorite?

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