Buzznet Story Teller’s Assignment #19 – Show us your style!

I love it so much!!! And you???

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Ohai all you fab story tellers. In case you haven’t noticed… the Buzznet Story Teller’s Group is back from vacation and here to make life more fun for you. Our lovely group admin Candle just posted the story assignment #18 round-up. Please to enjoy all those beautiful entries. Now it’s my turn to introduce you to the next assignment. 🙂


~Werk it~

Now some detail. We all have our own way of dressing. For this assignment tell us what’s hidden in your closet. There’s probably secrets that are relevant to our interest. You may tell us how your style changed over the years. Show us your favourite clothes/rings/necklaces/hats etc.! Maybe you have some items that are special to you because of reasons. Share with us why that is. Also for most people putting on certain clothes is a way of expressing themselves. Feel free to let us know what you intend to express.

These are two of my favourite shirts. I like my shirts to say something super cool! =D

Please post your entry to the BSTG by the 14th of September and/or drop me a note so I know you did something magical! You can post a photo, blog, video or whatever else you like. No restrictions guise! We have quite a few amazing fashionistas on Buzznet. I know you can do it! 😉

NOTE: Usually we have a buffer for our assignments. However this time I will post the round-up on the exact day it is due! I will be on vacation after that. Also keep in mind that I live in Germany. That means I’m several hours ahead of most of you guys. It would be best if you had your entries posted by late Thursday evening. Hope that won’t be an inconvenience for you. :]

That is all for now. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask away!