Buzznet Original: Tarick Haziz

Hello, childrens of the internet! It has been a hot minute since we’ve had a Buzznet Original and that is because I am lazy. I’m sorry it’s been so long!


No really, I am somewhat sad about not doing write ups but that is because I am busy BEING FABULOUS. I should probably just stop and get this show of awesome on the road, y/y?

If you all don’t know who Tarick is, I feel bad for you, son. He does some really amazing photography and he kinda does amazing doodles and you are missing out. He’s super friendly and if I am not mistaken, he lives where the season is opposite from me and that is totes blowing my mind.

Let’s take a look at what a bad ass this latest OG is:

And he stole all hearts away – Made of Hearts

Follow the Colors

Let’s get unconscious – Bedtime Stories

At Home

Tarick has only been on Buzznet for a short amount of time but he’s been churning out the quality since day 1. If you don’t follow him, you probably should. His creations are little internet treats that make everything better. Make sure you drop by his page and give him a hearty congrats on being this week’s Buzznet Original!