BUZZNET Exclusive: Steven Of Go Radio Talks New Clothing Line Smooth Sailing

BUZZNET recently caught up with Go Radio drummer Steven Kopacz to find out the details about his new clothing line Smooth Sailing. The line will be released this coming Monday September 24th, so check out the interview below for details!

BUZZNET: Why did you start up Smooth Sailing Clothing?Steven Kopacz: Well let me tell you a little story… My father’s lifelong advice to me was to do what I love and follow my dreams. I love music, so I took his advice and pursued a music career and that’s what I am doing to date. Being on the move, much like touring, is something my family was familiar with while I was growing up. My dad was in the Air Force, so we moved from Wisconsin to North Dakota to Hawaii and finally settling in Panama City, FL when I was 12. That is where I realized I wanted to become a drummer and play music.

I started jamming with friends and playing music at the age of 15 and I haven’t stopped. I played in numerous kinds of bands throughout the years, quit good paying jobs, did tours where 10 people would show up every night, sold everything I owned just to be able to continue to chase my dream. Giving up wasn’t an option. If I would have given up when people told me too I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends. One of those friends was Randy Baublis. We both played music in different bands but he was always very intrigued by videography. He would always film and edit live videos for all of our friend’s bands, including mine. Over the years our mutual tastes in creating art made Randy I close friends.

He and I have always felt we’ve done what WE want to do and not what everyone else feels they have to do because of society.

On tour one late night in the summer of 2011, Randy and I sat and talked about everything we have been through, the highs and lows, the good times and bad times and all the things that had led us to where we were. We were on an amazing tour with bands we’d grown up loving, me playing music in front of hundreds of people every night, him being able to be out on the road and film bands on such a larger scale creating greater opportunities, being in a new city every night and even hanging out with peers that influenced us to play music. We were here at this moment of our lives because no matter what everyone was telling us what we should be doing, we never gave up on what WE wanted to pursue. That night we talked about how we wished there were more companies out their that were inspiring others to follow their dreams. Make your own path. There are so many people out there telling you that you can’t do what you want to do and we wanted to be the people saying that “you can do it”. That is how Smooth Sailing began.

BUZZNET: What influences have shaped the image of the brand?SK: Being that I am from Panama City, FL & Randy is from California, we tie a little bit of the 90’s beach/skate culture that we grew up in with a dash of classic 60’s americana. We are firm believers that less is more.

BUZZNET: What can fans expect to see when the brand debuts?SK: We are hitting the fall/winter season with 3 shirt designs, a tank top (who doesn’t love tank tops, even in the winter) a women’s wide neck pullover and of course the classic zip up hoodie. We will be posting some teaser shots of our line on our instagram this week, so make sure you follow it for a sneak peek.

BUZZNET: We love the slogan “Make Your Own Path”, what do you want the fans to take away from that?SK: Its tough to say what I want each individual person to take away from 4 little words. But I think in the end, I really just want people to do what they dream of doing and to enjoy everything (good and bad) that comes along that journey. As a wise man once told me, we are the dreamers of dreams.

BUZZNET: Do you have any collaborations in the works? (with bands, artists, etc)SK: We currently do not have any collaborations in the works but thats not to say we won’t be doing any in the future 😉

BUZZNET: Do you think clothing brands can form a community, like music does?SK: Absolutely, I believe that Its all about the message a brand sends to its fans. We are here to send a positive one and hope that people will be on board with us to keep inspiration alive.

Stay tuned for more exclusives, giveaways and interview with Steven & Smooth Sailing Clothing!

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