BUZZNET Exclusive: Joe Farese Opens Up About Collaborating With Jeffrey Campbell!

Buzznet LOVES Jeffrey Campbell shoes, so when we were offered the opportunity to chat with Karmaloop’s, Joe Farese about collaborating with Jeffrey on their exclusive line of JC shoes for back-to-school, we couldn’t get questions out fast enough!

Check out our interview with Joe, who shares what it’s like working with Jeffrey, secrets about the shoe line and what celebs he’d love to see rocking the sweet styles in front of the camera! If you want to get your own, go HERE!

1. Who and what was your inspiration for the line?

I was inspired by Tron Legacy to H.R Giger and anime characters. (Nerd at heart!) 2. What is something you can share about the line or a specific shoe that shoe buyers don’t know?

I named them all after terms and characters from video games, specifically Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy VIII.

3. What did you learn working with Jeffrey?

Jeff is first and foremost an AMAZING person to work with! He truly cares! I think a lot of people assume that he has a massive team of people working for him designing things left and right. The reality is, it is him and a handful of employees. I learnt that great and fabulous things can come from someone with such a humbling personality. 4. Which shoe do you feel will be the line’s best seller and why?

It is hard to say … the Ascension is the attention grabber in the multi-color version, however in the all black version its very ”Downtown cool /SoHo art party girl in all black everything”. However so far the Succession is proving to be the fan favorite in Black and White, very 90’s cyber goth from the year 2100. 5. What makes this line stand out from other Jeffrey Campbell shoes?

The juxtaposition of having a sneaker on a “heel” base. As far as I know this is the first time I have seen the trend to such an extreme anywhere, which is very exciting!

6. What celebrities would you like to see wearing these shoes?

All of them! (In my dreams) The multi-colored scream Nikki Minaj while the more tonal versions would be killer on Bjork or Gaga! (I know right???) 7. Has working with Jeffrey changed how you approach shoe designing?

The team at JC HQ taught me a thing or two about putting a collaboration together, from box design to the little logo’s that get stamped on the sole of the shoe, to making sure the Velcro extends long enough under the tongue flap! Literally every little thing needs to be thought of and spelled out for production. 8. What is the best way to wear a statement shoe?

All black everything and a pout.

Will you be rocking these Jeffrey Campbell’s?