BUZZNET Goes To Comikaze 2012

By Patty Gopez

Most people think of the uber-popular Comic-Con when they hear about a comic book convention – but that’s not the only convention comic book enthusiasts and super-fans can go to get their fix! The 2nd annual Comikaze Expo – which is Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee‘s comic fan event – was held on September 15th and 16th, 2012 at the spacious Los Angeles Convention Center. The two-day convention boasted the man himself, Stan Lee, speaking to the crowds about his various endeavors, including his first mobile game Verticus as well as promoting his museum on the premises; many fans dressed up in cosplay (our favorite!); panels for Nickelodeon show reunions such as Salute Your Shorts as well as many other upcoming features; various comic book artists and vendors, a chance to participate in zombie chase and MUCH more!

I attended Comikaze 2012 on behalf of Buzznet, and while I’m by no means a comic book expert, I L-O-V-E all things Marvel as well as many comic book characters, movies and especially reunions of old TV show casts (hence my weekly What Ever Happened To gallery!). Check out some of the things I saw on that super-fun weekend!

Who is your favorite comic book character?