I’m type of the person which thinking so much or too much. In my head you can to found everything what describes me, good and stupid thoughts.

Almost all time I think about the world. I want to help people so much. I think that everyone should to giving everything the best from heart for the Universe. When we doing good stuffs, even a little it the world is more beautiful than earlier. Maybe in future people will have more easy than we. But I want to in future open foundation which will helping kids which fight with self-harm, eating disorders, bully and also have very bad experiences. I know that I must to fight that my art growing.. because this is only way to open foundation. Always I thinking about people and I’m for people.

Even on my Buzznet’s account I have some goal. Thanks some my posts I want to show people that everything is possible that changed their lives.. Galleries “Don’t Give Up” and new about recovery showing good and positive messages.. everything for the people.

Also I thinking about my problems..all time, I know that it can sounds so weird. But I’m so fragile and sensitive. It’s not nice when you hate your mind by it. Sometimes it driving to crazy. I hate sadness moments. Just don’t like thinking about it but this is part of me.

I think so much about some feeling. I hope that someday someone will hug me. I think still about it. I don’t know too good how is it when someone do it. I hugging to my teddy bears, they are so lovely and they will not hurt me. But I know that will not give me true feelings which giving people but I’m proud of it that I have my teddies.