Britney Spears Is Mean, Simon Has A Heart! That’s & More On The Premiere Of The X Factor

So I finally finished to watch the first episode, the premiere of The X Factor and it’s been such amazing: full of emotions, funny moments, sadness, tears and more.

Follow me in this little trip through out the feelings of the contestants with my detalied review about this first hour and half watched by almost 25 million of people in USA and it’s going to break another record tonight.

Britney’s keeping fans in the loop for her big night. She Tweeted:

3 hours. Butterflies. I’ll be at Kimmel during the premiere but I’ll follow along on Twitter & tweet w/ u all #xfactor

Austin, Texas

After a long promo where you can see the best and the worst too about these auditions, we are ready to start with the first of two premiere nights of THE X FACTOR Season 2.

The judges describe their feelings in their cars before the walkabout and then they meet all together in the green room of the backstage before to break the ice.

Britney reveals she’s a bit nervous while Demi is really scared.

LA, Demi, Simon and the one and only Britney Spears enter in the arena and they are ready to start.

#1 Contestant: Paige Thomas, 21 – Nursing Student from Saint Antonio, Texas [picture below]

She’s exciting to see Britney Spears because she’s a hot mom and she’s a hot mom too. Paige has a little daughter and she has her inspiration like she’s going to see once on stage after that Simon asked her if she never tried to have a contract with a label record.

Two blond girls are discussing in the contestant backstage room and one of them, Kaci says to her sister that she’s going to win and then looks at Paige and exclaims that she’s so young for to have a baby. The girls wanna share the mirror with Paige and introducing theirselves. Jade, Paige’s daughter lately will dirt Kaci pink dress and she will be not so happy. OOPS…

Paige will perform “I’m going down” by Mary J Blidge and she will got 4 yes!

Britney: You are so bright and beautiful on stage. You are flawless

LA: You are a star. You remind me of a girl I met five/six years ago in my office and her name was Rihanna.

Demi: You have that sparkling light in your eyes. You totally are a superstar.

Simon: This is one of my favorite audition ever. I’ve very good feelings about you.

The second one is Shawn Arment, 50 – airline baggage handler

We all already had the pleasure to see him in some promo commercials aired in the last days.

He says to the judges he practised one year and six months, from 6 to 10 pm each night, dancing with a choreographer and training seven days a week and he wants to perform his own song “Candy Girl” but everyone is shocked hahah

Simon: You are like a mouse strain to be an elephant! It’s just wrong!

Demi: A lot of people work really really hard for their dreams but it’s not for everybody

But Shawn isn’t afraid and replies: This is why you use autotune and I don’t.

Britney cuts in on the conversation saying: I wanna know who let you on stage!

And without to listen their votes, the man leaves the stage leaving speechless Britney and her fellows.

Follow a roundup of “NO” about Britney and she got the appellative of “mean” by a contestant too!

Simon: and then everyone says I’m the mean one!

Britney Spears is not that innocent!

First very young contestant.

Reed Deming, 13 – student from Saint Antonio, Texas

Everyone says he is a Justin Bieber double.

“Since I was five years old I sing in the car Frank Sinatra, the Eagles and all the classicals” he says.

Meanwhile he’s waiting his turn, Britney tells to another young girl auditioner: “You’re really off key. I say no” and she leaves the stage in tears.

But it’s time to Reed but when he starts to sing Simon advices him to change song and to sing a bit lower, so he decides to perform “Grenade” by Bruno Mars and…

Demi: you are so adorable and your stage presence shines.

LA: I will know that you remind me another little boy… you know who?

and he replies: Today I just want to be me!

Britney: I think… you are completely adorable!

And he brings at home 4 yes! WOW!

In the judges backstage…

Demi: Niall [One Direction’s member] is hot!Simon: Keep away from him… he’s pure!

HAHAHA I think one of the best moments of tonight!

Kaci is becoming intolerable for me… Literally I can’t stand it (and my mom too)

“I wat to be a legend. I mean Michael Jackson… I want to be remembered for a long time” she reveals.

Simon: you remind me someone – and he turns toward Britney which looks him and then exclaims: STOP!

Kaci sings “Firework” by Katy Perry but even though she said to be a singer and always sung since she was young, she doesn’t seem on key.

And Simon doesn’t miss time to say what he thinks: It could sounds old but it seems like you’re dying.

She tries to convinces him with an a capella version of “Mercy” but… I’m sorry Kaci, they are 4 no! BYE!

San Francisco

“Welcome in San Francisco where everything is bigger and better in person”

The auditions start so well… there’s a serie of “no” since Quatrele Da’ an Smith turn.

He’s 21 and he’s a cake decorator.

We remember him because a Simon’s phrase has become such a motto for X Factor promo commercials:

Imagine Madonna, Bobby Brown and Dracula have a child. It would be you!

Britney: you were off key for a bit but you were entertaining.

Demi: OMG! I love you and I love your lipstick colour.

He got 3 yes and a no from LA.

EMBLEM3 is the first group we are seeing tonight and in the meanwhile they are waiting their turn I’m impressed to see Vincent Thomas. I know that guy! Oh Lordy! He was a member of US5 a band has become famous in German, Europe and Asia, formed by 5 members from USA, UK and Germany but since their manager had several legal problems they broke up two years ago but I will never ever imagine to find Vincent (my favorite) to do an audition for The X Factor. He talked about his past with these other guys but unluckily for him, he didn’t pass!

Not the same happened for EMBLEM3 which performed on their own song called “Sunset Boulevard”

LA: I don’t like you… I love you!Britney: You are very funky, your voice is so smoothDemi: You are so cute. I’m so impressedSimon: I love everything about this audition

And the boys got 4 yes!

A little break in the backstage: two female girls reveal to hate to say “no”. It’s the hardest part about being a judge.

Now it’s the turn of Don Philip, 32 – vocal coach from Bronx, New York.

We, or at least, all Britney’s fans already know him because he dueted with Britney on her first album but after that experience he was went through really bad experience and his career wasn’t so good.

“I hope she likes me” says.

Britney: Oh my Gosh. I dueted with him years ago.

Simon: What happened in the last 10 years?

Don, in tears, tries to explain what happened and also because he’s gay he had several problems.

Simon: I just to give you only the truth. Your problem is that you haven’t a good singing voice. Honestly.

Unluckily he got four no. Britney is really really upset about that and Don, crying in the backstage says: I think I hurted Britney.

Providence, RI

New location, new auditioners, new matches.

Jennel Garcia, 18 – student.

She’s waiting her turn and meanwhile she’s talking with her family.

Once on stage she says Pat Benatar is one of her inspirations and during her performance Britney says to Demi: “She’s good”

Also the audience seems to appreciate the girl.

LA: I’m so feeling you!

Britney: That’s what absolutely incredible.

Demi: You really likeable like you say “I’m on fire”

Simon: In the pop show misses a young Pat Benatar. You are different. You are exciting.

4/4 YES!

But there are who doesn’t have the X Factor.

Simon: You have four no. Congratulations! – says to a contestant.

And for tonight there’s another auditioner.

Her name is Jillian Jensen, 19 – part time piano teacher.

She tells to have been bullied at school and she has the same “Stay Strong” tattoo as Demi.

Immediately the Disney star feels so close to the young girl story and while she’s singing “Who You Are” by Jessie J she starts to cry and admits: “You can feel that pain”. In the end she runs on the stage and embrace so tight Jillian.

LA: I’ve never ever heard anybody takes their experiences and their pain and emotions and pour them to a song like you do! You got it!

Britney: I really don’ think why you should be cry right now, you are so amazing. Your voice is so sexy and incredibly beautiful.

Simon: It was incredible like LA said.

Demi: I can’t believe how amazing is your voice

LA: I hope that tears of pain turn in tears of joy!

4/4 YES!

And still moved the judges go in the backstage

LA: For the first time you seem speechless – says to Simon

Demi: You have a heart – replies to Simon

So which was the moment you loved the most about this first premiere?