Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #5

A new exclusive article on about Bill and Tom as judges in DSDS opens a chink for a performance of the German band Tokio Hotel in the talent show…


Everything new of Tom and Bill

Tom and Bill Kaulitz from “Tokio Hotel” are back to Germany. The twins sit on the jury of DSDS and work on their fourth studio album of the band.

They are back: Billand Tom from “Tokio Hotel”. After two years avoiding much of the media and the move to Los Angeles, the Tokio Hotel stars appear with a new look: Bill from Tokio Hotel unshaven and gray hair on his first photoshooting with the new judges of DSDS, while his brother, Tom, appears without the typical cap, recently wore cornrows.

New album and planned tour:

About the lack on work, the Tokio Hotel twins on the coming weeks and months, can not complain. In addition to their jobs as jurors, they are also working on the new Tokio Hotel album and planning the next tour.

“We were so far from Germany and carry the full load of DSDS before returning with the band – who knows where we will travel – “, the singer Bill Kaulitz said aloud to Perhaps there will have a presentation of Tokio Hotel during the new season of DSDS, one or two new songs. It will be interesting anyway.

What do you think?

It would be a great move to perform on DSDS maybe with a new exclusive hit single?


The DSDS judges: Dieter Bohlen, Bill and Tom Kaulitz and Mateo from Culcha Candela start to work…