Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #2

Websites and communities are literally blowing up with tons of updates about Bill and Tom new experience at Deutschald Such Den Superstar (DSDS) 2013

“Almost officially confirmed! Meanwhile, we were contacted by RTL because the sender was on the urgent search for fans to this show in a few days exclusive shots of Bill and Tom as the American Idol judges. The pictures and comments of fans to the exclusive video footage to be shown at one of the RTL Magazine. Thus, we can confirm to you as good as official that Bill and Tom will be in upcoming American Idol Season We are excited about coming exclusively reports that in the coming days you can read here on

ATTENTION! RTL has now found enough fans for tomorrow’s shoot in Cologne. Please write any emails and messages more!

And we have just briefly closed phone with RTL editor. Bill and Tom will not be filmed in Cologne tomorrow, but in Berlin for American Idol. The rotation of the fans, must see where this exclusive video footage will, however, still held in Cologne. RTL explosives can also call any other Audition Dates with Bill and Tom, as for these other production company is responsible. RTL explosive report will run tomorrow night at 6pm! (German hour)

DATES: 24.09.12: American Idol filming in Berlin | 25.09.12: American Idol Audition in BerlinTV Date: 24.09.2012: RTL explosives – 6pm (German hour)

We received today also email to a fan meeting in Dortmund:

Hello aliens, It‘s that time again, is a fan meeting on 27.10.2012 in Dortmund (or as they say in Gelsenkirchen Lüdenscheid) was planned and you are all welcome to fly directly from your android to Dortmund before the Westfalenhalle. The way to Dortmund you will not regret in any case, because, as usual, is a lot of fun, action and getting to know new, nice fans guaranteed. Since we have not yet all have so many commitments, we hope to encounter here at THW to interested fans who also desire to come to Dortmund and, eventually, to earn a recall list. : D

Here are the key dates: Location: Dortmund (just before the Westfalenhalle) Date / Time: 27 October 2012, 1pm (German hour)

Do you have any other questions, not failure but simply drop by at the following link in our Facebook group:

We are there for you, Diana, Iizzie and Pat

Tokio Hotel Wola @THWonderland

We just phoned with one of the editors of RTL Explosiv! She told us that the filming with Bill and Tom will be held in Berlin tomorrow.

Tokio Hotel Wola @THWonderland

She also said that she doesn´t know when and where the auditions with Bill and Tom will take place, cause they´ll be filmed by…

Tokio Hotel Wola @THWonderland

another production company. But they´ll show some material tomorrow at 6pm at RTL Explosiv!