Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #7

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BILD meets with Bill and Tom

That’s why Tokio Hotel moved to the US“We didn’t have a place to call ‘home’ anymore.” Through the monsoon and around the world: At the peak of their success the “Tokio Hotel”-Twins Bill and Tom (23) left Germany – and moved to Los Angeles. Two years of silence followed. Now they’re back home – as jurors on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”! BILD was the first one to interview Tom and Bill on the set of the casting show.

BILD: Already discovered some new talents today?Bill: “Yes, there were quite a few good people there…”Tom: “But no one that really blew us away. At least not today.”

BILD: How do you get along with Dieter Bohlen?Bill: “We didn’t know Dieter personally before DSDS, but we’ve been looking forward to work on the ‘anniversary season’ of DSDS with him. We got along really well right away and have a lot of fun on set.”

BILD: You’re also acquainted with the dark side of show business, which for sure helps you at castings, right?Bill: “I already saw some candidates where I thought to myself: “Nope, that’s just not for you…”Tom: “Those, that only want to get famous for the sake of being famous, really annoy me. Being famous is just a side-effect, if someone is really good at something. If you can’t do anything, you shouldn’t even be famous.”

BILD: Two years ago, you left Germany. How is your life in Los Angeles?Bill: “We consistently tried to hide the past two years. We wanted a place where we could withdraw and where we could have some privacy. We feel comfortable in L.A. and live there with our four dogs.”

BILD: Why did you – quite literally – flee?Tom: “We’d been on the road for five years, nx and we just didn’t have a kind of ‘safe haven’ anymore. We really felt like we didn’t have a place to call home anymore and after some time on the road it just felt like it doesn’t really matter where you sleep anymore.”

BILD: A terrible feeling …Tom: “Yes. After some time it got to the point where we felt overwhelmed and thought: Where can we go? And above all we wanted a place where we could be creative again.”

BILD: …and record a new Album?Tom: “L.A. made it possible for us to record and work on new music in a more relaxed manner, which has definitely brought us further artistically. People are probably never going to hear a lot of the stuff, but they will definitely hear some of it.”

BILD: Do you already have a release date for the new Album?Tom: “We’re still working on the new Album, but we won’t rush ourselves.”

BILD: Where do you feel ‘at home’ today?Bill: “Actually, always where our family is. Of course our roots are in Germany, and Germany will always be our home, but Tom and I settle in fast – it doesn’t matter where it is.”

BILD: Bill, your appearance also changed quite drastically – the skeleton-tatto on your hand is quite crass…Bill: “I started pretty early! I got my first piercing at the age of 13, my first tatto at the age of 15. I always liked tattoos and in the past few years I didn’t have much time to get new ones. Now I design them with my tattoo artist in L.A.”

BILD: You also built up quite a lot of muscles…Bill (laughs): “You do what you can…”


Tokio Hotel were two years “on the run” Cologne (dts) – The “Tokio Hotel” twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) have two years to play the first major interview. “We have now tried two years quite consistently, to hide. We wanted a place where we can retreat to be private,” said Bill Kaulitz of “Bild”. The two have lived in recent years in Los Angeles and are now “Germany seeks the superstar” as jurors for the RTL show returned. “We really had the feeling that they have no home,” said Tom. In the U.S., the twins are feeling: “We live together with our four dogs.” The time in Los Angeles, they’ve also “further forward artistically.” “We simply can really relaxed in LA making music. Some of this people will never hear, but much already,” said Tom Kaulitz.


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