What Does Being A Music Fan Mean Today?

I’ve been traveling a lot this year, attending shows and interviewing bands. I’ve been tossed into so many fandoms that i started asking myself this question, “What Does It Mean To Be A Fan Of Music Today?”. Every single show i went to, i would watch the crowd and sometimes ask people, what it means to be a fan.

I met a girl at a recent show after i was done interviewing a band that stood out to me. She was standing in the back near the sound board closing her eyes and just singing along by herself. Everyone else was trying to get their favorite band member’s attention and taking pictures likes crazy. She reminded me a lot of myself. I asked her, ” What does being a fan mean to you” and she responded with probably the best answer I’ve ever heard. “Being a fan means i can escape my world in the duration of a 3 minute song. I owe this band a lot.”

We started joking around with how we were both fans of standing in the back, clapping and singing-along and dancing by ourselves. I told her how we were both Hippie music lovers meaning, we just were here for the music. She then said to me, “A lot of fans are crazy today, they don’t respect the artist at all”. ” She was refering to a lot of popular artist fanbases. I responded with “That’s why I tend to hang in the back at shows, for me it’s all about the music.” We both agreed that a lot of music fans today have lost sight in that.

For a lot of young music fans, it’s all about the next big thing and who’s going to swoon over the ladies. They won’t a gorgeous front man who’s going to make them do anything. Looks shouldn’t matter when it comes to music. It should be all about the music and lyrics and them having the gift to take us to another world.

We ended our converstaion with, ” I don’t even care If I Meet Them, I came for the music and that’s all i needed”.

Let’s Chat Music: What Does Being A Music Fan Today Mean To You?

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