So I’ve finally decided what I want to do on Buzznet and how I want to use it.

I’m just going to write about my life and my art/designs and careers and love and food and fashion and all that sorta stuff. And probably random other stuff too.

I’ve come to realise recently that I want to be my own person and not follow everyone elses decisions on fashion and life and everything else. I’ll probably have massive rants about this topic and contradict myself about a million times in a row because yeah, it’s not that black and white. But who cares!? It’s just a place for me to write my thoughts and display things and if someone doesn’t like it/agree then that’s just life I guess.

I just want to focus on being me. And doing/being what I like. Not concentrating on wether it is ‘fashionable’ or ‘cool’ or not. The truth is I want to be a mermaid, I love pink and purple, I say weird things, I call everyone sausage, I like singing badly and being super clumsy and uncoordinated. That’s ME. I can’t change that, and I shouldn’t. I WANT to have a personality. I want people to be able to differentiate between me and everyone else.

Recently I have kind of come up with what I want to do with my life. My life goal has been for a long time to be an Art Therapist. I didn’t always know this, I kind of figured too late to make it a reality education wise. Like I wish I realised earlier and then I could have kinda altered my education route and put myself on track for it.. but I didn’t. And that’s actually ok because it has led me down many different paths and done many different things and met many different people that have changed my life to be what it is today. Like meeting the love of my life in a random job that if someone had told me a few years ago I would have done, I would have laughed and be convinced they had me mixed up with someone else!

So now my kind of plan is to get a job (i’m kind of applying for anything and everything right now because I’ve just left an office job – another unexpected plot twist) and I need money to live obviously. I want to get this job (I’m preferring the idea of bar work at the moment, which I’ve never done before) and just work like crazy for the next year. I need to pay off some bills and also save up because me and my boyfriend are planning to buy somewhere at the end of next year hopefully.

During this time I also want to do this blog and focus on my art and build up my portfolio. This is because I want to go to college next September and study Art. I need to do this so I can get the qualifications I need to get on a university course to study Art Therapy. Then I can work towards getting the career and life I want.

So expect updates of art (sometimes random pictures, maybe poems, some sewing stuff possibly and other crafts) and my thoughts and everything in between. I hope this won’t be too boring but It probably will take a while to pick up. I’ll add a very recent picture of myself in the meantime!

I love talking to people (I am kinda shy but hella friendly!) so please comment on anything or ask questions or challenge me or link me to inspiring things and I will love you forever!

lots of love,

FluffyKittenHeart <3