Album Equation: DeadMau5’s ‘Album Title Goes Here’

Sometimes, things get complicated, or whatever. DeadMau5‘s latest album, Album Title Goes Here is here and I am going to review it with cats (and words – mostly words). Deadmau5 seems to have a thing for cats and I have had a thing for cats since IDEK when, so it seems fitting.

So come inside and let me share with you some thoughts (and cat gifs) about this latest endeavour that Joel Zimmerman has birthed for your ears (minus all the goo).

I volunteered to review this album based on the fact that when asked, my first thought was “O HE’S THAT DUDE THAT DID THAT THING WITH KASKADE, RIGHT?” And so there I was, ready to get my groove on in my headphones.

Not exactly

According to Deadmau5 and Wiki (mostly wiki OMG I AM CITING WIKI AS A VALID SOURCE), most of this album is a compilation of singles that weren’t released previously and stuff made with people like Gerard Way of My Chemical Bromance, Cypress Hill, & Imogen Heap.

That kind of makes sense because none of this album really seems cohesive. It’s kind of a jumble of different sounds and I feel like I was waiting for a cat party to start but no one brought the giant saucer of milk to really get this thing going.

Expected it to be like:

But mostly it was like:

For Lack of A Better Meme 🙁

That being said, there are a few tracks that I do enjoy on this album. Just because there doesn’t seem to be anything stitching everything together doesn’t mean that this album isn’t ear worming it’s way into your heart.

I C U BB, SHAKIN’ DAT – Wait; Wrong party

Much like the mew above, my only remark that I can’t really call a complaint about this album is that some songs seemed like there was something building up but then they just stayed there, wiggling about (like “Superliminal”). “The Veldt” kind of did this too but it made me feel like I was in an anime so that was cool.

“Professional Griefers” is pretty rad track even though I’ve never really cared much at all for Geesus. The video is pretty rad, too.

“Failbait,” featuring Cypress Hill is totes bad ass. It’s like some beats had an electro baby that was raised by B. Real and Sen Dog. Definitely worth 4 minutes in your ear holes.

Other songs like “Channel 42,” “Fn Pig,” “There Might Be Coffee” and “Take Care Of the Proper Paperwork” were totally:

F-ing my S up, if you know what I mean

Songs like “October” “Telemiscommunications” and “Sleepless” kind of made me feel like I ended up on the wrong side of the Adult Contemporary tracks while looking for a killer Pinot Greeeeg while wearing mai Sunday hat:

Aww yeah who’s portfolio is looking good? This guy right here ^^

Not that I didn’t like those songs, because I am totally into that kind of stuff.

Anymews, this album is like a mix bag of goodies that brings together different types of electronic-y musics and genres and it’s defs worth a listen if you are into all things Deadmau5. Go ahead and nudge up to something you love and give it a listen:

Because your opinion matters more than mine when it comes to making decisions about the things you want to listen to.


Happy listening!