5 Favorite Things Better Off Single!

Earlier this week, I listed the 5 reasons why being single rules. With National Singles Week coming to an end, why stop the singles party?! This week had me thinking about all the awesome things about being single, including some of my favorite single things. In honor of National Singles Week, here are five things that are better off single!

1. Kraft Singles Cheese Slices

These perfectly shaped square slices of cheese are totally underrated! After all, how else would you have the perfect amount of cheese to put in a tasty grilled cheese sandwich?

2. Music Singles

While we may not be a total fan of a specific artist, sometimes we just can’t help but dig a single track from them – usually found on the radio! Favorite single of the moment? None other than T-Swift’s breakup jam!

3. Single Serve Coffee Makers

For the most part, we all like our coffee in a different fashion. (Personally, I’m more of a “I like my sugar with coffee and cream”-kind of gal!) Single serve coffee makers are a dream come true for coffee lovers – it’s like having your own personal Starbucks!

4. Single Scoop Ice Cream

Ice cream is usually seen as a treat, not to be devoured every day or in mass amounts – at least that’s what they told us in health class! Of course, it’s a sweet treat that you should definitely give in to every once in a while. That’s why single scoop ice cream rules: you get a full scoop of whatever delicious flavor of your choice, in just the right amount – it’s the best of both worlds!

5. ME! (Yes, YOU!)

What’s your favorite single thing?