The 100 Silliest Pet Halloween Costumes

With ghouls, goblins, and the Great Pumpkin (we’ve got your back, Linus!), let’s face it: Halloween is one of the funnest days of the year. When else can you go door-to-door demanding candy, only to come back and get a tummy ache from eating too much of it? If any holiday constitutes a costume and an affliction for chocolate-covered treats, I’m definitely all for it.

Costumes are pretty much the lifeblood of Halloween. So, why can’t animals be a part of celebration too? Even they love a little Halloween spirit! You think people only go crazy with their costumes? Take a look at these 100 silly animal costumes and find out for yourself. These rascals put the “animal” in “party animal” and soon, you’ll see why.

Have you ever dressed up your pet for Halloween? What did they wear? Share it here!