Which Albums Will You Be Picking Up This Fall?

Some pretty Kick ASS albums are coming out this fall and i know that i can’t wait to get my hands on them! I’ve put together a list of albums that i know i will be picking up and downloading when they hit Itunes/ stores.

North- Matchbox Twenty (September 4):I’ve have always been a fan of this group and Rob Thomas vocals always leave me in tears and chills.

Away From The World- Dave Matthews Band (September 11): I grew up listening to Dave Matthews Band and i can’t not wait to get my hands on this! It’s been 3 years since we’ve gotten new music from them.

Serendipity- Honor Society ( September 18): These guys will always have a special place in my heart. Normally i know what to expect with them but, this time around, I have no idea. BIG SEXY MUSIC.

Push and Shove- No Doubt ( September 25): Let’s be honest, who isn’t excited for this album. Rooting for them and hoping this will be a great come back album!

Babel- Mumford and Sons ( September 25): I just recently got into them and I’am hooked! They make indie folk music seem cool!

Sticks and Stones- Chery Lloyd ( October 2): She has taken over The United States in a big way. Her funky personality and fashion makes everyone want to be her friend. Should make for a good album to dance and sing with friends.

Red- Taylor Swift (October 22): I’am in need of some new tswift breakup songs! Her new single is blowing up and if the album is anything like that, i’m sure she will be winning some more Grammys.

Music from Another Dimension- Aerosmith (November 6): if you know anything about me, it should be that i LOVE AEROSMITH. Steven Tyler has been singing my life soundtrack. I might just stay up till midnight to buy it!

So Lets Talk Music! Which Album Are You Excited To Hear This Fall?

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