I Went To Outside Lands & I Didn’t Even Get A T Shirt

I have been away. Maybe you noticed, maybe you haven’t. I missed your faces. I wasn’t around because of reasons and because mostly I was at the Outside Lands Festival. If you don’t know what that is, it is this very San Franciscan music/food/wine/comedy extravaganza that take place over three days in the lovely (and often foggy + mega cold) Golden Gate Park.

There were a lot of amazing acts, people that you could only find in Nor Cal, and lots of things to eat and drink. I only snapped photos of a few bands and things because e mails were lost, I was really cold, and some stuff just didn’t seem for the land of Buzznet.

It’s not that I don’t think some of you will enjoy Bluegrass music or anything like that. Heck, I am pretty sure that a lot of you will revel in the fact that the PA system went out and this group here went acoustic for their performance. They played to a bunch of people sitting on fallen logs in a clearing that was bespeckled with hay:

Oh and you might even like the tamborine duct taped to a shoe:

You might even like this violin player that was touched by the hand of Sauron:

Maybe you might even enjoy the stylings of Big Boi:

I know I enjoyed some “Bombs Over Baghdad:”

If you liked that, you might maybe even like this guy:

This is MiMOSA. Maybe he is a tasty brunch time beverage. I am not sure. He was enjoying his own beverages on stage. The crowd was super excited when he was DJ-ing it up. IDEK what exactly he was playing but at one point, I realized I was dancing to wubstep and I felt like I did something wrong.

Party Time.

And so there I was, in the park, waiting for e mails that never came to get permission to see larger bands that I thought you all would like. But then I got really cold because I forgot how cold the park gets and I was hungry and I wanted to leave. And so off I went to look for warmth and food. I like those things.

I did watch this guy get arrested for jumping a fence. Please to note that he is wearing a Psychbilly patch and that he hopped the fence and got arrested during a dubstep set. Maybe I was the only one that laughed.

Well, he laughed too, so whatever:

And so that’s where I was. I was off watching people twirl hula hoops, smoke all the weed, appropriate native american headdresses. I watched people make art, went to the comedy tent to laugh and escape the cold, and I enjoyed myself.

I also took some pics of these bands here:

Die AntwoordPassion PitYACHT

That’s pretty much all I did. Besides miss your faces. Thanks for reading!