The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // Waiting For To See You Again [5/5]

Here I am with the last blog dedicated to the reasons of my life.

Unluckily I couldn’t post it in the exact day of my 5th anniversary, on July 25, because I was on holiday so I do it now.

Definitely 2010 has been the best year ever shared with Tokio Hotel as I said in the previous blog and now two years already passed since the last time I saw them.

But I always love them more than ever, I always support and follow them. It couldn’t be in other way!

These four guys conquered me and I’m so proud to follow them in each moment and try to do my best to share some experiences with them.

I really can’t wait for their new album and tour, where finally I could see them again rocking on stage and share my tears and emotions once again with them.

In these last five years I passed a lot of different moments: bad and good ones but they always have been by my side and they always helped me; everytime I felt me lost, they were here, everytime I felt me happy, they were here with me: looking me or wetting me with the water or simply saying me “Thank you” or smiling me.

I can say that five years ago I’m rebirth thanks to them and that today I couldn’t be there to tell this story to all of you without their help.

I’m glad to them for life and I can say that there will no a day where I will say: I won’t to follow them anymore! If it should happen I definitely will die.

They are my oxygen, the blood in my veins, they are part of me.

I couldn’t image my life without them. They can always count on my support!

Danke für alles, meine Engel!

Ich Liebe Euch!


Spring Nicht: as I already explained in my first blog, I feel me so closed to this song: first of all it has been the first German song I learnt of them, then it helped me a lot during a bad period I lived, where I completely lost my way and it was really hard for me only to breathe. This song helped me to bring me back to life and to be stronger.

Ich Bin Nich’ Ich: this is another song I feel me so near to me. I can reflect in it since I’ve never felt me myself for the most part of my life. It’s something of unusual and not easy to explain but inside me I’m never felt who appear in the mirror, thanks to Tokio Hotel I can say to have found the real me and I’m so glad about this!

Für Immer Jetzt: this song talks about me, definitely. I already loved it when I’ve simply read the title on the album before to put the cd in the stereo for the first time. My favorite verses are: Fühlst du mich/Wenn du atmest? That mean: Feel me when you breathe and it’s what I prove. I can feel Bill inside my heart, it’s something of really hard to explain and the most part of people don’t believe me or understand but the most important thing is what I prove, the rest doesn’t count.

Hilf Mir Fliegen: when I knew Bill had to be operated, my world crushed in million of pieces. I thought to die, seriously. But thanks to my parents and thanks to Tokio Hotel’s love and especially this song, I found the strength again. This song has been in loop for the whole night when I knew the Bill’s news and I cried all my tears. It’s pretty hard for me now, to listen it again and again because my mind come back to that day.

Hey Du!: I’m completely addicted to this song. It’s pure beat and energy. I hope they still include it in the next tournee and I hope to listen it live in German since I only had the pleasure to listen it twice in the English one. This song is like a tongue-twister and I simply love the melody of the words and what the song talks about: a man or a being of another planet wants to go away from his planet and ask to this little android of his near galaxy to bring away since his world is so different. I think our originality of the lyrics is one of the best TH’s song ever.

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