Tour Diary: Mike Bruno Updates Us From The Road

Party People! What’s up, it’s your boy and pro traveler Michael from HONOR SOCIETY, checking in from the SUMMER OF LOVE TOUR!

Things have officially kicked into high gear on the road. The shows have been amazing and we are SO STOKED with the response to our new song Serendipity. In addition to the music and the driving and the joking and the early mornings and the late nights (I could keep going haha) one of my absolute favorite things about tour is finding the gems in each city we travel to. Since our very first tour I’ve kept a list of all the spots I find in a city that I want to remember for when we’re back or to recommend to other people traveling. I’ve had friends and family call on me countless times for a good date spot in a city or to ask where the good shopping is, or the fun things to see while they’re in a specific town that aren’t too touristy.

So far on this tour there have been some great little treasures I’ve found.

DENVER, CO: First of all Denver is a great city, (tip to any musicians out there, the elevation definitely makes it a little harder to breath on stage), and on our day off there we found a great little breakfast spot named Mona’s. The food was delicious and the service was genuinely friendly and witty. I’d recommend it to anyone in the Denver area for breakfast or brunch. I had the breakfast tacos, cousin of the breakfast burrito.

LAWRENCE, KS: After Denver was Lawrence, KS. Another city I can’t say I would have probably traveled to had I not been on tour, Lawrence is actually a rad little city!! Kansas University (notable alumni Paul Rudd) is the real heart of the city. Two great places in Lawrence are the Natural History Museum (located on the KU campus) and a little barber shop calledLarry’s Barber Shop. We hung out at the Natural History museum with a few fans that pledged to our Kickstarter campaign for a VIP day-of-concert experience. To say it was fun would be an understatement! We roamed through the museum looking at dinosaur bones and pre-historic fossils while all getting to know each other. These are the priceless moments of tour you can’t account for but really do become the lasting memories. As you’ll see from some of the below pictures I also made a new friend, a gigantic scary bear. Good times…… good……….times.

While on tour you can also take for granted some basic things like getting a haircut, so when the guys and I sawLarry’s Barber Shop down the block from the venue we were relieved we could get our fades tightened up for the show that night! Larry is an older gentleman and a TALKER. In the duration of my 5 minute clean up I learned he’s owned the shop for 20 years, his son (Larry Jr., naturally) also cuts hair and his wife is a former singer who performed at Carnegie Hall. Again these are the kinds of stories you don’t plan on when you’re coming up with the set list for the tour. I may not remember certain things from that day but I’ll always remember Larry and his little barber shop.

Just to keep some balance against the hard-to-find-super-treasure-gems-of-the-road there are the good old fashion roadside stops at Dairy Queen 🙂 As you can see Jason and I take our Blizzards really really REALLY seriously.

Alright y’all that’s me for now. Don’t forget to keep your list of treasure spots! You never know when you might need a haircut or some ice cream or a need to befriend a life sized stuffed scary bear. Duh.

Lastly, I PRIDE myself on not steering you guys wrong so please trust me when I say to check out the Summer of Love Tour and our handful of headlining shows coming up! Go to our events page at for dates and ticket links!