Summer Photo Party: What We Did This Summer

Howdy monkies! It is that most glorious of times yet again. It is time for me to find all the snazzy blogs and photos you’ve posted about your summer adventures and sharing them with the internet! I know that summer isn’t exactly over, so:

We just like to plan ahead and stuff. Also, hopefully you get some ideas from the following posts so that you can do more awesome stuff during what’s left of your summer.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened this summer on Buzznet:

The ever lovely Amanda experimented with lots of her looks this summer. She even caught a glimpse of the Olympic torch being carried through a town near hers:

Amanda’s Summer Blog

Mimi K went on a cruise with her family. This is their 9th cruise together! They went to some really cool places full of beautiful scenery and sleepy cats:

MimiK’s Summer Cruise Gallery

Our favorite Jacob (besides Marc) has been really busy this summer. He’s been adventuring, shopping, and hanging out. Oh and he’s also been stapling people’s skin or something:

AsToldByJacob’s Summer Blog

Rhianna has been working, going on mini vacations, reading, and snapping pics at Warped Tour. She’s also been frolicing with this little friend here:

Rhianna’s Summer Plans

Jane has been playing Wii with her parents, hanging with her fowl friends, and having mew times to the max this summer. She’s also been to the Baltic Sea and stuff:

JaneBecameInsane’s Summer Blog Post

Our little GummiBear has been busy eating all the flavors this summer. She’s been posting cool photos of old maps and atlases as of late and but we can’t stop staring at her tasty summer treats:

GummiBearsss1 and her Summer Photo Post

Dora has been cavorting on the sunner shores of Brighton and exploring its ocean side attractions. She’s been sampling delicious food and making new friends:

Dora’s Summer Adventure Post

Meghan has been working this summer in her cave of wonders and rocking out with other Buzzneters at this years Warped Tour:

Meghan93’s Summer Blog Post

Nonoi has been having a wonderful winter. Yep. You read that right. It’s winter where she lives but it’s not too bad. The weather is great and she’s got pretty baby smiles to warm up her days:

Noini’s Winter Wonderblog

Summer in BizarreLand means all the splendors that nature has to offer as well as having caterpillars over for dinner:

Summer In BizarreLand

Lory has been having a spendid summer. She’s been hanging out with hipster baby, a snazzy pirate, and she’s even gone camping (and we are all chipping in to buy her a helmet):

Lory’s Lazer Light Show Summer Spectacular Post

Oh and then this hambone did stuff:

Hambone Ham Post

And there you have it! Remember, go out and make the rest of what summer (or winter) we have left! Don’t forget to come back and tell us what you did!

If I missed you, please let me know and I’ll add your post!