Summer of Not So Adventurous Adventures

This summer has been a strange one. Firstly, it has mostly been all grey and gross all summer long. The mornings are usually these drab hybrids of warm sadness. It’s like sleepy time tea but at like 8 in the morning. Not very Los Angeles summer. It heats up during the day once the clouds burn off.

~ * Bieks * ~

The first awesome thing (and pretty much the only awesome thing) I did during summer was the bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was a hoot as usual and not so bad. There was one day that was full of rain babies and frosty winds but other than that, the weather was perfect. I finished early pretty much every day and just chilled in camp. I also heard every remix of “Call Me Maybe” in camp because this bike ride is basically Gay Summer Camp.

~ * Maximum Cuddle Sesh * ~

Moo and I have been doing max cuddles this summer. She has been extra good but she sheds like crazy and it makes me think twice about letting her on my blankies. We go for walks usually twice a day and she does things for treats and she barks at hot food items because they burn her mouth.

Arts and Stuffs

I’ve been going to a few of my sister’s art shows this summer. They are really rad. She does some pretty cool art. She’s always been very artistic but I guess she is just now starting to show her art around. It usually sells and that makes her happy. All her art is full of dead stuff and Morrissey usually so I like it. It’s been fun hanging out with her and her crazy children. She watched Moo for a few days when I was out of town once and Moo was all barking when my sister would leave.

~ * F U D D S * ~

As you all know, I love a fud. I eat a lot and it explains my fats. Whatever. I love eating. I have kind of given up the *D R E A M* that I will be fit one day because I cannot, for the lyphe of meh stop eating food that is delicious. Anyway, I can’t tell you how many of my fotos are of vegan chow in all it’s glory. It also doesn’t help that I serve food at a vegan restaurant and have access to the pastry case.

~ * B I E R S * ~

Another reason why I will never have six pack abs. Beer is delishuz. I like trying different types of beers so that my taste buds can go on adventures. It’s not that I am beer snob or anything like that, I just like trying new things.

~ * Adventures In Adventures * ~

This little diddy was taken in Palm Springs. It was at the top of this crazy tram that was scary as pugs to ride in. It was mostly super high and a really small, cramped space so it sucked. It was two of the things that scare me in one ride to the top of the mountain. I can’t stand heights and I get really scared of tiny places.

Anyway, this is mostly what my summer has been like. It starts out as one thing and then it ends up as another. I kind of like that. Since I usually hang out with just Moo, I get stuck in my head so I kind of forget that things that can have multiple outcomes that I never could’ve thought up unless they actually happened.

Maybe I am still in the summer of mai lyphe.