SPOILER ALERT: A Day At ‘2 Broke Girls’

It’s no secret that we here at Buzznet have a MAJOR girl crush on Kat Dennings and absolutely L-O-V-E her hilarious CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. One of the perks of living here in sunny LA is that there are constantly TV shows being taped, with lucky members of the public being given the opportunity to sit in as a live audience member. One of those shows that use a live studio audience is, you guessed it, 2 Broke Girls! This self-admitted Kat Dennings fan was able to snag a coveted seat at the 2 Broke Girls set to watch a taping yesterday at the Warner Bros lot, along with my friend, Buzznet photog Kayla.

Our adventures began at the Warner Bros lot at 4PM where we waited in an audience holding area for a few minutes and were almost immediately sent off towards the soundstage where 2 Broke Girls was filmed. While walking over to the set, we passed by comedian Andy Dick. When we finally got to the set, we were seated in the second to the last row, but it didn’t matter: every seat in the house was a great one! While we were waiting for everything to start, we spotted former Wonder Years star Fred Savage, who just so happened to be directing the episode. We were then treated to a sneak peek of the previous episode before the cast was introduced. One by one the cast of the show was introduced and came out onstage: Matthew Moy (Han), Garrett Morris (Earl), Jonathan Kite (Oleg), Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie), Beth Behrs (Caroline) and Kat Dennings (Max).

Highlights/Spoilers Of The Night:

Most of the scenes of the night took place in the diner.

In the episode, Caroline is dealing with the tragedy that is her father’s estate auction. Before then Caroline has to meet her dad in prison, who asks Max to come along. Max meets Caroline’s dad who tells the two to go to the auction (to Caroline’s dismay) and get Caroline’s trophy because it will help Caroline’s future, which Max takes to mean money. The two end up at the auction and bid on the trophy and are successful. What happens after… you’ll definitely have to tune in and see! (I’m not going to spoil ALL of it for you!)

Director Fred Savage is pushing 36, but still looks like he’s in his 20s (Kevin Arnold lives!). He also takes his directing very seriously and had the actors do each scene at least four times minimum to get the perfect shots!

Even Stevens dad Tom Virtue makes an appearance in the episode.

In one scene in the diner, Beth has to burn a piece of newspaper and throw it on the ground. It took at least a half-dozen takes and each time held a glitch. At one point, Beth almost burned her finger with the flames and when the cameras stopped rolling, Kat came over and kissed her finger, prompting the audience to say in unison “Awww!” True to form, Kat responded to us with “WHATEVER!”

As proven by the aforementioned anecdote, Kat and Beth seem very close and are obviously good friends. Throughout the shoot, the two were constantly fixing each other’s hair and worried about each other if the other got hurt. First, Beth burned her finger (as stated above) and in the final scene being shot, Kat hurts HER finger while trying to break open the trophy – and Beth makes sure she’s okay. SO CUTE!

The episode they filmed will be shown on October 1 and is the third episode of the second season.

If you haven’t been to a TV audience taping before, it isn’t a short process: our specific 2 Broke Girls shoot had us in the soundstage for over 6 hours – but was totally worth it!

2 Broke Girls premieres September 24th at 9/8c on CBS.

Do you watch 2 Broke Girls? What’s been your favorite episode so far?