Song Of The Day // Swanheart

I enjoyed my afternoon listening one of the best albums I have in my collection “Oceanborn” by Nightwish. Even though is an old album, of 1998, it always is a pleasure to listen it again and again.

One of my favorite songs of this album is Swanheart, Tarja’s voice is simply perfect and it seems like a lullaby. I relax a lot evertime I listen this song and it makes me floating in another dimension.

The song hasn’t so many words but they are so deep and intense.

Listen for to believe it!

All those beautiful people I want to have them all All those porcelain models If only I could make them fall

Be my heart a well of love Flowing free so far above

A wintry eve Once upon a tale An Ugly Duckling Lost in a verse Of a sparrow’s carol Dreaming the stars

Be my heart a well of love Flowing free so far above

In my world Love is for poets Never the famous balcony scene Just a dying faith On a heaven’s gate

Crystal pond awaits the lorn Tonight another morn for the lonely one is born

Which sensations this song gives to you?