Skrillex Talks Ellie Goulding And Being Homeless

There’s no doubt Skrillex (real name, Sonny Moore) is the current king of dub-step and the electronic music scene. With three Grammy’s under his belt, $15 million dollars earned in the past year and a high demand for performances at mega-music festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella, Skrillex has a laundry list of accomplishments to talk about.

However, with all the success he’s had, he admits he’s currently homeless! Say what?! The 24-year-old phenom recently told The Daily Beast that his hectic schedule hasn’t allowed him to settle down.

“I’m technically still homeless so all my stuff is in my manager’s house in Gainesville, Florida, including my Grammys,” he says. “I’ve just been living in hotels for almost two years now and I just got my own place in Los Angeles.”

Even with no permanent home, and always on the go, Skrillex has still managed to keep up his relationship with British pop singer Ellie Goulding. The pair, who were outed as a couple in February, are still going strong and from the sound of it, are totally in love!

“She’s my girlfriend and my lover but also my best friend and if I’m working on something I’ll immediately send her a rough cut, and if she’s working on something she’ll send me a rough, so we’re constantly listening to each other’s shit back-and-forth,” he says. “I couldn’t imagine not being with someone like Ellie that can share the same lifestyle as me.”

Aww too cute!

Do you think Skrillex and Ellie are a perfect couple?