Is Selena Gomez Really An Undercover Diva?

Selena Gomez has always come off as a sweet ray of sunshine. When we talked to her earlier this year at her UNICEF charity concert, the 19-year-old former Disney gal was the nicest, sweetest celeb ever. However, there are rumors circulating stating the contrary that Sel was showing off some major diva ‘tude on the set of her upcoming movie Parental Guidance Suggested. According to the rumors, Selena showed some major attitude to her director when it was time for her to film in the sunny California summertime heat.

Sources say: “Selena told the director it was flat out too hot for her to deliver a good performance and wanted to wait for the temperature to cool down. Everyone else was out there, ready to shoot the scene, but Selena refused to leave her air-conditioned trailer. They were all furious at having to wait around all day until the sun went down just because of her.”

Do you think Selena is really a diva or are these rumors just the work of a jealous hater?