The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Invade The Jersey Shore

This past week my family I were in Lavallette, NJ. We stayed in a GORGEOUS house. We got to stay in the beautiful house for an entire week! AH! It was awesome. I loved spending so much time with my family. I managed to catch a little bit of the action on camera. I also threw a few of the photos so I decided to share them in this gallery. I had A LOT more footage from the trip that I could have added, but it’s already a 12 minute video! What can I say? My family knows how to have a good time –Enjoy! xx

[brightcove id=1793175397001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=1]

I recently gave up alcohol. I’m not going to lie, I did drink a little bit while I was down at the shore with my family, HOWEVER, I did not get drunk at all. I’m learning to just have everything in moderation. I decided that I don’t know if I can fully give up wine. I genuinely enjoy the taste of it. I think when it comes to drinking, it really depends on where you are and who you’re with as well. I will continue to not drink at bars and clubs. If it’s a nice night and all of my family is over, or my best friends, then I think I might enjoy a nice glass of wine. I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as I don’t get carried away. Baby steps.

Who’s your favorite RHONJ cast member??