Is This Real, Or Fantasy?

As we all watched the closing ceremonies, and all the insanity there was when THE SPICE GIRLS performed for the first time since 2008, the ceremonies were much better than the opening ceremonies. (Sorry Paul McCartney.) I, myself, was blown away at it all: Spice Girls, David Bowie tribute, and not to mention Jessie J singing “We Will Rock You” (although Bohemian Rhapsody would’ve been MUCH better) SO well. My all time FAVOURITE part of the night, was the “Imagine” tribute to John Lennon: one of Britians most iconic men ever, and possibly the world’s most iconic man. I legit cried, because I just have a deep love for him, and I would sacrifice my soul to be wherever he is right now.

Here’s a video I recorded from the ceremonies: (sorry for the crappy quality and sound: I can’t find anything better.)

So beautiful! They did such a wonderful job honoring him. I wonder if Paul was there? Mhm…

What did YOU think of the closing ceremonies?