Question of the Day: Summer’s Kinda Over

It has taken me forever for me to start writing this Question of the Day. This morning has been a bee hive of activity, and we are talking about normal honey bees here, not those angry ones that kill people. Everyone is super excited this morning because we get to leave early and we don’t have to work on Monday because it’s Labour Day. Yay!

Awww Yeah – Ood Party Up In Here

I also get to shoot the FYF FEST this week and it’s going to A-MYAH-ZING

For us here in the states, the unofficial end of summer happens after Labour Day. We don’t do that whole “solstice” thing because it’s Pagan and we love Jesus or w/e. JK LOL

Let’s talk about summer being over and the QOTD instead of things I am excited about. You know, like the beer that is chillin in my fridge at home, cross fit class after work, and Sharon Needles doing something tonight at the Echoplex tonight.


Okay, so, SUMMER. For today’s question, let’s talk about the one thing you wanted to do but DIDN’T. Did you complete your summer bucket list? If you did, you are amazing. Tell us if you did all the things you set out to do this summer. If you didn’t, JOIN THE CLUB. Let’s talk about what you wanted to do but couldn’t because of reasons.

LoL me in the desert being all pretty n stuff

I wanted to go to the desert this summer (don’t ask why, just accept it), but I didn’t. Actually, I wanted to go camping again and ride my bike in the wilds of California but I never got around to it. I was either working or being totally lazy and eating chips in bed and then feeling really bad about it. I was able to get a zip car and the only thing I really did with it was zip around and take Moo places instead of traipsing off to the desert and what not. Boo for me.

Now it’s your turn. Please to share. Tell us about your summer plans that you did or didn’t do. Are you ready? HINT: Yes. GO!