Question of the Day: What Was the Last Lie You Were Caught Telling?

A lot of very strange things are going on this Friday. First, 19 people were wounded in Chicago last night and I didn’t really see much coverage on it anywhere until I went on Twitter. I did see the news about the shooting at the Empire State Building while I was getting my morning cup o’ Joe, though. Oh and then I read about Lance Armstrong throwing in the towel in regards to the doping allegations. Strange stuff is happening all over today.

I just felt like bringing all of those things to your attention today. Not that any of them have to do with the QOTD. I’m just saying. Anyeay, today we are going to talk about lying.

Glamorous Glue

I am going to go ahead and say it: I lie a lot. But I’m never serious when I do it and I always say I’m kidding at the end. I just think lying is funny. That doesn’t count, does it? Someone said it did but then I was all “but I’m just kidding and I told you so whatever.” Oh and it’s not like I wait hours to tell you that I am kidding. I usually say it right after whatever lie I am telling.

I also make this face when I lie because I am trying not to laugh:

It’s not hard to catch me in a lie.

Are there any fibs that you told recently that you were caught telling? You should tell us. Well, that is if they aren’t against the law or anything that I would have to report you to the internet for. GO!