Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Thing About School?

It’s back to school time! It was nice knowing you, summer. It’s time to get back to the bustling hallways or whatever else you pass through to get to your other class. For some of us, we are done with all of that hullabaloo. Some of you aren’t. Some of us should go back.

Some of you want to burn it down – Breezy’s pic

If you were (like some of us) or are still in school, you had to like something about it, right? Well, now is when you can tell us about that thing. Yay!

My favorite thing about school was probably music class, or maybe English. Other than that, everything was awful. A lot of times (and this happened in college too), classes seemed like they would be interesting but then they weren’t and they ruined things for me.

Anyway, now it’s your turn to tell us what class, after school activity, club, etc. was your favorite during your school years. Time to share! Are you ready? GO!

What’s your favorite thing about school?