Question of the Day: Do You Ever Want To Get Married?

We’ve probably already done this as a Question of the Day but that’s okay, I feel like doing it again and you’re going to like it. Well, at least I hope you do. Let’s talk about getting married!

~* LaMouillaud put a ring on it *~

Personally, I don’t understand marriage. I also don’t think I am ever going to get married. I actually can’t see myself getting married, either. I just plan on living in a cabin with my life partner, growing my own vegetables in the wilds of some back country something or other, and then that is all. I don’t think I need to get married.

Marriage for the gays is a real hot button issue. We all know that here in states. People are even lighting things on fire because they are el pollo loco:


Anyway, we aren’t here to talk about if you think gheyz getting married is okay or w/e, we are just here to talk about if YOU want to get married. Yes or no. Easy peasy. Also, feel free to include any deets that you want to share about to whom, where, when, so on and so forth. Let’s go C R A Y !

That is all. Have fun!

Do you ever want to get married?