Question of the Day: Days You’ll Never Forget

There are dates in life that we can never forget. Whether those dates are personal or shared with a larger community, they are there, in your mind for whatever reason. Like that weird spaghetti noodle that you threw on the wall to see if it was ready and then never took down, those dates are there and never coming down.

We’ll remember, forever – Pishelle

Hopefully the dates you remember aren’t sad and awful (like all of mine). Hopefully they are dates full of fluffy cats and things like that. Let’s talk about those times.

I can’t remember the exact date of anything anymore. For the last whatever amount of years it was, I never celebrated an anniversary with the person I was with because well, we never had an official date and neither of us cared.

Moo the Dog

I don’t even remember Moo’s Born Day or the day that she came to live with me. I just know it was “around” such and such time. She probably hates me.

Anyway, you should tell me about your special dates that you remember. You know, like on 25 October 1996, you found the last pack of gum and when you went to reach for it, another person went to grab it. The two of you touched hands, decided to share said pack of gum, and now the two of you are married and have bb’s. The end.

Are you ready? Yes. Yes you are. Go!