Question of the Day: Did Anything Unexpected Happen To You This Summer?

I know summer isn’t over just yet, but is it winding down. This morning’s drop off the kids at school melee was a sign that the school year has begun. On my way to work, there are about three schools for the childrens. Many of them are practically thrown from moving cars to their reopened day camps. I am not even lying. Doors open while cars are still moving and I have to be extra careful when passing on mi bici.


An unexpected and lucky shot by Caitlin

Let’s talk about things that happened during summer. A lot of things happen over summer, especially when your hands are idle and thus the Devil’s playground. Does that mean that the devil is small because it fits on the playground of your palms? IDK.

I can’t say that a lot of the unexpected has happened to me this summer. For the most part, I’ve stayed indoors or done things that I have planned for specifically. That isn’t to say that I haven’t had adventures or anything like that, just nothing cray cray has happened. I am okay with that.

I guess that is a sign of the times for me. I am getting older and I can’t (nor do I like) things just happening to me. I feel like I calculate things more so that I don’t get surprised by life, slip, and break a hip.

I have, however, just done things very last minute and all spontaneous like. You know, like little day trips and what have you, but those are mostly to just relax and get the f out of dodge.

Let’s talk about you now. Let’s talk about your summer and the wilds that your way more fun than times have been. Did anything strange happen to you this summer? Things you didn’t plan for? Feel free to share. Annnnd GO!

Did anything unexpected happen to you this summer?