Paramore At The Fox Theater: And We Got Everybody Singing

Last Tuesday I took a drive to Pomona, CA and headed to the Fox Theater for Paramore‘s first show back in a little under a year. The last time Paramore had played to a Southern California crowd it was at Warped Tour in San Diego last summer. It was time they came back.

I was anxious for the show to say the least! On the drive down I even placed bets on what songs they would be performing. I was honestly surprised by the set and was happy to see a nice variety with all the albums represented several times. This marked my fourth time seeing them live, and it felt so good to sing along with one of my favorite bands again.

“I’ve got a feeling if I sing this loud enough, you will sing it back to me.”

Here are a few highlights from the night.

– They opened with the powerful “Brick By Boring Brick”. You could hear Hayley Williams‘ voice from off stage singing the line, ” Ba da ba ba da ba ba da” — before she ran out to center stage. Her voice was on point and the crowd was in the palm of her hand right from the start. I even started to snap my fingers during “Fences” because she told me to!

– The band lineup for the night was Williams on the orange mic,Taylor Yorkon guitar,Jeremy Davis on bass and three other live musicians joined them on stage. Set sounded full and powerful the entire night.

– They had amazing lighting. The lighting was simple but accented each song perfectly and did not distract from the performance, just enhanced the experience for the crowd.

– During the song “Only Exception” Williams was visibly moved by the audience participation. She mentioned a few times during the set that the band had been through a lot over the past two years and appreciates the fans’ support.

– Before the song “Ignorance” Williams again address the “drama” within the band and said, “Our band has been a little bit of a soap opera since day one. This song is a reminder of how it’s never, ever going to be again.”

– The song I as most surprised to hear was “Whoa.” Hayley revealed she struggled remembering the lyrics to the song in rehearsal, so they added it to the set.

– Overall it was non-stop energy and from the smiles on their faces — it looks like they were also anxious to perform again. You could tell it had been a while since they performed that hard, but it was such a great feeling to see them back up there!

Think it might be a while till we get that 4th album from them, but it was incredible to see them perform again and sing a lot of my favorite songs. Was an amazing night. #musicrules.

For some great live shots head over toRolling Stone.

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What is your dream Paramore set list?