One Hit Wonders.. Love Them Or Hate Them?

One hit wonders have to be one of my favorite parts about music. You either love them or hate them… For me, it will always be LOVE! I’ve put together a list of my favorite one hit wonders that i listen to religously. VH1 has the 100 greatest one hit wonders and i always have to watch it when it’s on!

Baby Got Back-Sir Mix A Lot: I know every word and can sing it on the spot. The music video is just as good as the song. Filled with lots of Butts.

It Takes Two-Rob Base Dj E Z: This song just makes me want to dance all night long.This song always reminds me of Coyote Ugly (one of my fav movies).

Barbie Girl- Aqua: Being a blonde, you have to love this song. This was my high school theme song.

Raining Men- The Weather Girls: Believe it or not, this was one of my dances i had to perform when i was little. Brings back so many memories of wanting Hot Men to fall from the sky!

Take on me – A-ha: I feel like this shouldn’t of been a one hit wonder, i wish this group went on to make great music. Such a classic song that everyone knows.

Tainted Love- Soft Cell: One of those songs where you don’t think its a one hit wonder. Mostly because so many people cover it.

8675309-Tommy Tutone: The only phone number i can ever remember. Such a classic one hit wonder.

Lets Chat Music: Do You Love Or Hate One Hit Wonders?

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