A Night Out For Sleeping Dogs Event

Last night I had the most fun ever with swoonster on date night. We were invited to go play at the Sleeping Dogs Release Party. I was so excited because Chaser Brand had just sent me a huge box of new tee-shirts + I loved the color of this blue one, with my left over Italy tan. I paired it with this peach skirt from my Sugar and Bruno Collection and my fav nude booties. Swoon + I went out for sushi + then headed to the party. I was so happy to hang out with Kate and her adorable boyfriend, and ran into Hannabeth and Ivey, and then Swoon took photos of us, but they were the worst photos ever because he is many things but NOT a good photog. Next, Dani showed up with Paul and she was wearing the coolest leggings EVER. I also saw Audrina from The Hills, which was weird because, I had just interviewed Ryan Cabrera this week, and it was all kinds of funny. Audrina was the skinnest person I have ever met, so even after a fun, late night of playing video games and doing the stanky leg I got up and went to “skinny jeans bootcamp” this am. Wow. It was so hard, I thought I was going to pass out.

Anyways, wanted to share this cute photos from Getty Images last night. It was so fun! Do you like my braless and flawless look from last night?

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