Music Monday: Washed Out.

Happy Music Monday! There’s nothing better in life than the sound of music, so I’m going to start sharing my music with you guys.

Artist of the Week: Washed Out.

Since tomorrow is my very first day of school, nothing is worse than feeling overwhelmed: new school, new people, new teachers and mainly being the “new girl.” Music is basically the only thing to calm my nerves at the moment, and the band Washed Out is doing a fantastic job at doing so.

I found out about this band just earlier this summer before I moved to Texas. For the two day car trip, I needed music to soothe my soul and make me forget about all the tears I wanted to shed. So, I listened it this band and it was like they were singing everything I needed to say, better than I would ever be able to. There’s nothing more serene than knowing you’re not the only feeling shitty.

One of my favourite songs by them, is their song “A Dedication:”

I really hope you give them a listen, they really open your heart, mind, and soul.