Has Miley Cyrus Become Dangerously Thin?

We think our girl Miley Cyrus‘ body looks great, especially in that bathtub photo that surfaced this week! The exposing picture (allegedly meant for fiance Liam Hemsworth‘s eyes only) showed off a whole lot of the 19-year-old entertainer, but one can’t deny that the girl was looking great in it. With her gluten-free diet and frequent Pilates classes, she seems to be on track on working on that body of hers – but is she overdoing it?

Miley tweeted the above photo on Thursday, August 2nd – along with the caption: “my “Fiance” jeans. but for real though.” – that raised some concern from her fans. Her pilates instructor has defended Miley’s weight, saying that people “just need to chill out.” This isn’t the first time her weight has been the topic of conversation: in 2011, haters on Twitter were calling Miley fat and earlier this year, she cleared rumors that she was anorexic.

Do you think Miley has gotten too thin, or are people making a big deal out of nothing?