The Evolution Of Lizzy Caplan

Man, I friggin love Lizzy Caplan. Ever since she played Sara on Freaks and Geeks (aka one of the best shows of all time), she’s been on my radar. But it was her turn as the wickedly funny Janice Ian alongside Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls (one of the best movies of all time) that really marked her as a star. Since then the multi-talented beauty with the acerbit wit and pitch-perfect comedic timing has starred in all sorts of awesome vehicles, including American Dad, True Blood, and of course, cult favorite tv show Party Down. In her latest movie Bachelorette she flips the script to play a mean girl (but with heart) alongside Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher. The movie looks pretty good, but besides that, we’ve REALLY been feeling her red carpet style during the promotion of the film. So we took a look back at er red carpet style over the years, just to see how far Lizzy has come from her days a Freak to the sophisticated, stunning star she is now.

Click through the gallery to see her evolution. What do you think of Lizzy’s red carpet style?


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