LIGHTS Live At Warner Brothers’ Summer Sessions

One of the perks of my amazing job here at BUZZNET is it gives me the opporutinity to be check out the Warner Brother Records’ Summer Sessions. They are always fun, have a free lunch and an amazing artist who performs. Today was especially great because I got to see one of my biggest musical girl crushes live for the fist time, LIGHTS!

The event is open to anyone what works at WB Records, invited guests and this week’s event was open to as many fans as they could fit inside. Some had been waiting since 5:30 am and had cute signs that LIGHTS took the time to point out during her six-song set.

She was dressed like her cute casual self with a grey graphic tank top, high waisted cut off black shorts and brown Steve Madden boots. Now, how do I know they are Steve Madden boots? Well, I have the same boots! I knew she and I could shop together! Her voice sounded better than the album and she had tons of energy. During “Flux and Flow” she especially showed off her pipes absolutely nailing the difficult chorus. I was blown away.

I was able to catch a great moment on my phone during the ballad, “Drive My Soul”. LIGHTS sat down to an electric keyboard to perform the song and just let her voice take over. You can see in the video below a cute exchange with the crowd, hehe.

Also, I have been to a few of these events and I have never seen anyone do an encore! She came right back out with her band to peform “Timing Is Everything”. #musicrules & #LIGHTSrules.

Check out photos from her performance here!

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