Hi everyone!!! This is my last article. For me it was something special. And I translated my Polish version special for you. I’m so sorry that you can to see there so many mistakes but I study English all time…hope that you can understand me.

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The music industry reminds me battlefield. For artists which want to reach success waiting many surprises. Part of their chooses it the simplest way to fame. They building images thanks scandals. But they forgetting that everything goes by. The interest of media will not be take long and on their position wait thousand candidates.

Over them thanks hard work growing this true which knowing what’s really dignity and respect for each other. You will not see their on the gossip magazines cover. For their creating music and contact with fans it synonym of art.

National music industry is like Roller Coaster. Every next day brings something new. But, if among commercialism flooding Polish music we will find true artists? Which music will be touching us? It will not be too easy.

“Don’t Be Afraid To Change For Better”

How sounds today’s music in Poland? Sometimes I think too long about it and I don’t know what I have to answer. The range from “Koko Koko Euro Spoko” by Jarzębina to Monika’s Brodka “Varsovie”. It two opposed poles. Although, I have hope that soon we will be the witness of births next musicians which will decide to create on Brodka scale.

Music is reflection our soul. The type of song which we listening showing us state of the mind. In hard moments we searching something positive, what will be make us strong. After analyzed, I interested one national group called WWO.

The classic of the Polish rap adding thousands as not a millions positive emotions in every their piece. These rappers are Polish messengers of hope. Standing high cross-beam, ambitions and faith in it what they create and strength to sharing key values in today’s world. Their life, world flowing from heart and changing Polish teenager’s life. I can so short described this group.

“We’re gonna make it”(“Damy Radę”) or ““Don’t Be Afraid To Change For Better”(“Nie Bój Się Zmiany Na Lepsze” ) it’s motivation to fight. Lyrics describing sadness reality and hope for better future, this is real sensation. Consider exhibition our defects and advantages it’s something more than random hip-hop, this is real message created by us. Every your step, movement or even thought you can find there.

“Don’t Bring Me Flowers In The Morning”

Did you thought about messages in English songs? Some of us only assemble attention over sound. What’s not good solution. In some sense no one should ignore hard work persons which created this art.

Kerli, singer born in Elva(Estonia) thanks determination realizes dreams. Although she recognized the worse side of life, she didn’t give up. Right now she lives in Los Angeles and creates fascinated music and doesn’t forget about contact with fans. She shares in songs her life, feelings, autobiographical parts of life and it standing her to similar situations which are her fans.

From what you associated an army? Maybe with brutality or blood on war? But Kerli’s single “Army Of Love ” shows different kind of army. Song emitting the most beautiful feelings and showing the way in which everyone should to go. And so much showing that we can’t forget that love is the most beautiful on the world.

Brutality and fear in one. Anxiety about better future. All this pushes after listened “SuperGirl”. Kerli assumes her mother’s body trying to signal the problem of domestic violence. She shows how hard road must to goes the victim. Decision about parting isn’t easy but changing all life. And these events will make us stronger persons.

„Triumph Over Sadness”

Being teenager it’s so hard time in life. In this age we look one the world from different perspective. Emotional sphere and sense of own value are so fragile that with easiness we can to hurt young person. Fear is the worst friend of the pain. Understanding and support become the biggest need. But where we have look their?

Against to the troubles existence goes Outcast Youth. It’s rap flowing from England which opening minds for it what really happens around us. Reality, emotions and truth..t his is more than music.

Eating Disorders are big problem in our country. Last statistic says that about 25% girls in secondary school(13-16 years)is on diet. Following “imaginary” models of beauty is deadly. Unfortunately still this is theme of taboo.

Outcast Youth in “Genevieve” shows girl which fell in ruthless trap of disease. Thanks deep words in song we are transferred to her world. Lies, pain or fear become her second name. With new every verse we go to her life with feeling of powerless. But ever on the end is hope that someone can to help through us this hard time.

Self-harm isn’t answer from problems but for many persons is escape from bad experiences. Smoke protection works only short time, but pain will be back. We never are sure what can to happened. We shouldn’t give up, only show that we have strength to go out from every situations without hurt body and people around us.

“A million eyes” touches feelings connected with this problem. Song is amazing way to builds belif and showing better part of the life. And what’s the most that we can’t forget about hope.

Music is the best antidote for every problem Songs are part of our life. Victories, losses, death or births are element of life. Although every song has another message, it true and modern messengers of hope should to be more appreciated in today’s world.

photo: Kerli edited by me (MoonChildNatalia)