Kerli Is A Modern Day Princess

Hi babies!

Me and other Buzzmakers had a fun opportunity to be a part of Kohl’s Princess Vera Wang Collection<3

Kohls was very kind and let us pick out our favorite things from the collection. I tried to find all the most BubbleGothtastic things they had and ended up picking out these really really cute punky bracelet and necklace(which ended up being a belt:). I also got this dress which has the slightly goth stripy part so with some DIY Victorian bustle action, I was able to deck it out to what I thought would fit a proper princess. I also added in these cute silver booties and I was done.

If you go to the website, there is a virtual “closet” where users, like YOU, can make their own Princess Vera outfit and share it. You can create and save your look and win a $500 Kohl’s gift card.

My bestie Brian Ziff aka Vespertine took some photos too so check them out in the gallery<3


Love u.