Justin Timberlake NOT ‘Bringing Sexy Back’

Just like the rest of the world I was very excited when I saw reports that Mr. “Sexy Back”, Justin Timberlake, was finally ready to give us a new album. Unfortunately, this is not true according to reports from Entertainment Weekly.

EW reports,

He wouldn’t. According to Timberlake’s publicist, there are currently no plans for a new album, though JT is working with Timberlake on tracks for Shock Value 3 (he appeared on each of the first two installments of the series). But as for other music, “That’s it,” said the spokesperson.

Pretty sure EW means Timbaland. Anyway, BUMMER! I guess we will have to keep waiting. In the meantime we can enjoy all the hilarious SNL skits he pops up in! #musicrules.

Do you miss JT or are you happy with JB?

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