Josh Hutcherson Promises To Be Buffer In ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel!

No one can accuse Josh Hutcherson of being scrawny! While the Hunger Games star isn’t quite on the tall side, the 19-year-old actor has a pretty good physique, especially while playing the heroic Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games movie. With the first Hunger Games flick over and done with, Josh is prepping for his second round of playing Peeta in the upcoming sequel, Catching Fire. What is Josh doing now to prep for the role? He’s working on his fitness to make Peeta a bit beefier!

“I’m getting in even better shape this time around,” Josh tells USA TODAY.

The second film in the movie franchise starts off with his character returning home as a champion of the 74th games.

“After the games, Peeta would have been taking care of himself physically. And he’s gone back to the village and is able to eat healthy,” says Josh. “So I’ve been training and getting ready for that.”

We think Josh looks great no matter how “buff” he looks, although we have to admit: we can’t wait to see the fruits of his labor!

Do you think Josh needs to be buffer in the upcoming Hunger Games movie, or does he look just fine as-is?