Jonas Brothers Make A HUGE Announcement: What Is It?!

The Jonas Brothers have been MIA as a group as of late, with each of the guys doing their solo thing: Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas embarking on solo endeavors and Kevin Jonas living the married life with wife Danielle Jonas. The guys have been keeping a big secret for a while now, but now it’s out!

Kevin and Danielle were on Ryan Seacrest‘s morning show to talk to Ryan and Ellen K about their new show Married to Jonas. During the show, Kevin along with Nick and Joe (who were on the phone) the big news was dropped: the three brothers would reunite as the Jonas Brothers on one stage after three years. The show, which would take place at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, would be for one night only!

“We know it’s time to come back and do another album . . . It’s time, we need to be back on the road together. We’ve been making some really good music that we feel like we’re ready to play and we just can’t wait to see the fans,” Kevin said.

Would you watch the Jonas Brothers reunion if it were one night only?