Introducing Mike Gentile’s New Band Rescue Kid!

Why hello my fellow music junkies,

If any of you are familiar with the name Mike Gentile or his old band Hey Monday, this news may excite you! The long awaited mystery behind “RK” that we all heard about has been revealed, it stands for Rescue Kid, an up and coming band straight out of Florida. I know this band is going to be one for the books. Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty on point when it comes to this kind of stuff. Their music reminds me of a mix between a hit pop radio band and an amazing band like Go Radio (no “radio” pun intended there) whose songs are totally original and come straight from the heart. All of the guys in Rescue Kid are outrageously talented and I’m not only addicted to the songs, but I can’t wait to see them live.

Check out the band’s promo video they just released and if you like what you hear, add them on Facebook HERE!