Hot Or Not? Miley Cyrus Rocks Black Lace Bra And Sheer Blouse!

Miley Cyrus’ is having what I would consider the best year of her life! “Never felt more me in my whole life ” she said when she first cut her hair. It’s nice to see Miley on a positive track and truely HAPPY. Most successful Sally day EVER! I feel pretty ohhhh so pretty and gayyyy”– Miley Cyrus. Now that Miley is feeling more comfortable in her own skin and she has decided to show some skin off! Miley recently stepped out with friends in a shocking sheer black blouse, black lace bra, white shorts and chunky gold jewerly. What do you think of Miley’s look is it fablous or do you think it’s way too busy? Is this outfit HOT or NOT?

What do you think Miley’s hair will look like when she walks down the aisle?