My High School Relationship

Hey guys

Here are some questions I did about my high school relationship and a gallery of pictures!!


Did you ever get into a serious relationship in high school?

Not really.. I would date and I had a bunch of guy friends. I just wanted to have fun, a relationship was the last thing on my mind, once i graduated I had my first serious boyfriend.

What is your advice on how to handle the pressure of relationships that high school sets on kids these days?

Honestly, don’t worry about it! You’re in high school, ha ha!! You’re too young to be jumping into something serious. Those are the years you should be focusing on school, having fun and finding out who you are. If someone is going to pressure you into thinking that you have to be in a relationship then they are crazy!!

Do you remember your first high school crush? Celebrity crush?

Hmm… I remember being in love with Christian Slater from True Romance and Andrew McCarthy from Pretty In Pink. I was never crushing on any current celebs of the time, well maybe Marilyn Manson. My first high school crush?? Probably this guy Greg, he was a few years older than me.

If you could choose any current celebrity to have been your prom date who would it be?

Gary Oldman, he’s a babe

What is one funny memory from a date or a relationship that stands out to you still?

When Christmas break when my family and I were in Aspen I remember telling these boys I was 18 when I was really 15. The father of the boy I was crushing on ended up meeting my dad on the slopes and got to talking about us. My true age came up and my secret identity was crushed, I was insanely embarrassed but they didn’t really seem to care. I am still friends with one of the guys, we crack up over that story all the time. I did that A LOT in high school, I didn’t think people would want to hang with me if they knew my real age. I was always hanging with an older crowd so it just made sense to lie at the time.. ha ha